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The Android is one of the most current popular platforms for mobile phones. As a smart phone they can gain access to all the modern technologies such as touch screens, email, GPS, photos. Also many third parties are rapidly developing integrated software to assist in your daily business and personal needs.

With the BigBrotherMe software installed on your phone you can convert your standard mobile into a 24/7 tracking device. There are many advantages with this different approach to mobile tracking. Such as

  • Ever lost your phone when going out of the town?
  • Locating your loved ones when you cant contact them and are worried about their whereabouts
There are many other good reasons to what this application on your phone permanently.

How does it work on my Android?

The BigBrotherMe GPS software for the Android runs completely anonymously on your phone making it ideal for those who don't want the hassle of having to micro-manage their GPS tracking. There is no Graphical interface (GUI) or application icon and the software starts immediately your phone loads. There's nothing more you need to do once installed. It's basically like having a windows service on your mobile phone!

All configuration of the GPS location transmit rate and phone configuration is done via GPRS using your web account.

Completely anonymous and hassle free, this is an ideal choice for those wanting 24/7 GPS tracking on the Android. You can even activate times of the day when you wish to have the tracking turned off to protect your privacy when needed.

How to install the software onto my Android

There are 2 easy ways to install the BBMe service onto your mobile phone.
  1. Simply navigate to the Google play store from your mobile and search for BBMe GPS
  2. Alternatively you can download the application directly from your phone. Contact us for more information on how to do this.