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Different send modes - StopConnect, Interval, Distance, OnDemand

In most mobile phones when GPS is enabled, the battery life is considerably effected. However, this may not always be a concern if your device is constantly powered or you only need it to last a particular amount of time. Because of these different needs we provide an number of different possible send modes available on most supported devices.

Interval: This mode produces the most consistent and regular coordinate data as the GPS chip inside the mobile is constantly kept hot maintaining the GPS search. Because of this your battery life is considerbly effected due to the high power usage of the mobile GPS module. However, this mode is more likely to obtain a fix earlier and more reliably due to it's more constant polling of the GPS module.

StopConnect: As opposed to the interval mode, the StopConnect feature only turns on the GPS module as required to obtain a GPS fix. This provides the ability to greatly increase battery performance at the possible detrement to the speed the next fix is obtained. However, in general StopConnect mode does not have a huge impact on performance of obtaining a GPS fix when required and is a good default for most requirements.

Both modes work by sending data at specified timings as setup in your device configuration options.

Distance travelled:This unique feature provides the ability to send coordinates based on how far you have travelled as the bird flies. This can be ideal if you are travelling alot and then stopping alot as it will avoid sending multiple GPS location points all clustered around the same spot. This mode uses the most battery life due to the constant re-calculations required to determine the distance between the locations. However, under some circumstances it may also offer greater savings on your phone internet service provider charges.

OnDemand via SMS:This send method gives you the opportunaty to only receive GPS coordinates as you need them. Because of this, the GPS does not need to calculate your position until required meaning that battery life can be greatly increased when using this method. However, this method is also not guaranteed to always return you a GPS location. If a device is inside or cannot obtain a LOCK when you request then the device status will be sent instead of a valid GPS location.

This method can also be used as a means to switch the GPS module off. Because status updates are sent twice hourly any web requests/commands are likely to be actioned at least twice per hour. This makes it an excellant method to use over the night period when your device is not being used.

An example of using this method with scheduling would be to set OnDemand via SMS on over the night period and change to another mode during the day. This would help save battery levels over night when you might not need the GPS facility while getting GPS location results during the day.

Available SMS commands can be found in the TR102 SMS command list.


Depending on your requirements a combination of both StopConnect (or OnDemand vis SMS) in the evenings on gaps and bursts of interval during the day may prove the best method for obtaining maximum performance from your mobile.