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What is my imei? Where can I find it?

The IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity is a number given to your mobile phone that provides a means to uniquely identify your unit. Every iDEN, GSM and WCDMA mobile phone contains a IMEI. Just like the chassis number for your vehicle the IMEI of your phone should not be changed and it is illegal to do so.

The IMEI is used by BigBrotherMe to uniquely identify your phone on the system when it sends a coordinates data packet. If the value you enter when registering your device on the website does not match with the device you are using to track then that coordinate information will be ignored and no tracking data will be available. It is important then that you enter in the correct IMEI for your device.

BigBrotherMe uses a 15 digit number as the IMEI of your unit. This can typically be found on a label under the battery , back cover, or within the phone software menu's itself. For example on the BlackBerry Pearl this can be found in Settings -> Status of your menu keypad.

It is important your enter in the correct IMEI for your unit. Not doing so will mean your device is not being tracked!