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My phone status sometimes shows LOCK or NO LOCK. What do these terms mean?

HAS LOCK (Green): Means the last information received from the unit was a valid GPS location. This information was also received before the units time out which ranges anywhere from 12-20 minutes. When a unit times out it goes OFFLINE.

NO LOCK (Yellow): When the unit cannot identify your location it sends a NO LOCK command to the server at it's scheduled interval. NO LOCKS generally occur because the unit does not have direct access to the sky and so cannot identify enough satelittes with which to get GPS data from i.e. when you are inside.

DISCONNECTED (Blue): This is often associated with OnDemand via SMS and Distance travelled modes. It refers to when the software has disconnected the GPRS connection to help save on power consumption. This can happen anywhere from 12-30 minutes of no activity. It does not indicate the unit is OFFLINE as the GPS location and broadcast frequency is unaffected by this shutdown. The connection will be re-established when data is ready to transmit to the server once more.

OFFLINE (Red): When a unit does not send any information it will go offline. Typically this is about 15 minutes after the broadcast frequency rate expires or 35 minutes when in OnDemand via SMS or Distance travelled transmit modes. This status can occur for a number of reasons such as:

  • Phone is out of network coverage
  • The phone/unit has locked up and needs to reset. This can occur occasionally in TR102 units when going in and out of areas with low cell phone coverage. In this case it will reset at your scheduled unit rest time, by default 2 hours.
  • You are on the phone for an extended period. The GPS location services are not available during an active phone call.