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I live in America. Will it show the correct timestamp?

All BigBrotherMe GPS software send the timestamp that is currently on your phone when broadcasting your GPS location. However there are times when you cannot get a valid GPS point which means the server sends a Device status or No LOCK signal. For this data packet there is no time transmitted which means the server must calculate the time internally. This is where your GMT offset set during device registration is important!

The BigBrotherMe server basis all it's date and time calculations from UTC (or GMT/Zulu) time. This means that when you register your device all you need to do is tell the server the correct hours to offset the time to be correct for your individual location.

For example. If you were to live in New York you would most likely choose -4 hours as my UTC offset. This is because when the UTC time is 2:00am in the morning in New York it is 10:00pm the previous day. However if you lived in London and the time was 2:00am you would choose -1 hours.

You can find your local time as compared to the current UTC from any number of websites. One of these is the popular World clock which lists all the major cities and the current UTC.

You are responsible for ensuring the correct time offset is always applicable to your account. This means that during daylight savings times you may have to change your settings to match the new DST time.