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Can I get notified if my device has not sent a broadcast for 2 days?

Yes, you can be setting your email alerts via your Account information page.

Unit offline email alerts get sent daily at 01:05 each morning dependant on the setting you have stored. Because of this email alerts may not be exactly 24hrs (if set to 1 day) after a unit last sent any information.

For example. If you have your email alert set to 2 days and your unit last connected on the Tuesday @ 18:30 then you will receive an email on Thursday at 01:05 i.e. 1 day = Wednesday, 2nd day = Thursday and email.

Units can be go offline for a number of hours, or even days dependant on the gprs coverage. Once back within coverage they will typically reconnect and upload the current data history they have stored locally while out of coverage. Because of this, it is recommended to set this alert to 2 days unless you want to know as quickly as possible of a potential problem with the unit which may require a reset.

To disable email alerts set the value to zero.