BigBrotherMe phone tracking
Keep track of your friends, family, vehicles by GPS

How much does it cost?

We use a number of pricing plans to suit all your requirements. Our pricing and Data plans provide a number of options allowing you to choose which is best for you. Our Basic plan offers free access to the core functionality of the site however for more comprehensive and advanced features we recommend you upgrade to our Contract account and experience the full benefits of the BigBrotherMe tracking system. We are always prepared to discuss the pricing options so feel free to call us and talk this through.

All our pricing plans are exlusive of your network charges for data traffic. This varies depending on your phone plan and the interval rates you set for sending coordinate data at. The smaller the interval the higher the cost with your provider will be due an increase in data traffic to our central server. Please contact your phone network provider for more information on internet data charges for your account.