BigBrotherMe phone tracking
Keep track of your friends, family, vehicles by GPS

How do I add a new phone to my account to track.

You can become an owner of a phone by logging into your account and clicking on My Account. This takes you to your main account information from where you can add new phones by clicking on the Register new device link in the middle of the page.

Once on the register device page you need to enter your appropiate phone details. You must ensure you enter the following information otherwise your phone will not be associated to your account:

  • imei of the phone: This can be found in different places dependant on your phone type
  • Simcard phone number: This must be unique on the system
You can assign labels for the phone at a later date if you wish.

Owners of phones have the ability to alter phone configuration options such as default intervals and schedules. This is opposed to viewers of your phone who can only track your unit from the main device tracking page.