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Keep track of your friends, family, vehicles by GPS

Supported devices

NOTE: Each device requires an active data plan.




How does GPS tracking work for my mobile phone

BigBrotherMe GPS Tracking System GPS (Global Positioning System) was first introduced by the United States department of Defense in its Global navigation satellite system. It consists of between 24 32 satellites orbiting the earths circumference and is freely available to anyone wishing to use it's service. Combined, the satellites transmit precise radiowaves that allow GPS enabled devices to accurately determine location, time, and velocity.

BigBrotherMe has utilized the full functionality of this service as provided by enabled GPS devices in providing an easy to use tracking service available anywhere in the world. It combines the free service with GPRS (General packet radio service) to transmit these location details to a centrally stored database server which then converts the details into an easy to view map plotting system. Using a custom packet protocol has enabled BigBrotherMe to transmit fast and low cost information meaning it is compatible across our supported devices and offers the best possible cost for value.

GPS systems are used in many areas and can help you both in business and on a personal level. From managing your mobile fleet to having the comfort of always knowing where your loved ones are.

Not only with this, BigBrotherMe offers the opportunity to customize your solution to your specific needs and providing a unique solution. For more information on this contact our office and we will be more than happy to discuss how this could benefit your company/person.

Supported GPS devices and mobile phones

BigBrotherMe firmware works on a range of devices however we do not guarantee all GPS enabled units. This is simply a matter of practicality due to the large number of different versions of device firmware and operating systems. However we constantly update our supported device list and if you have a particular device you would like working with our system feel free to contact us and we can look into it for you.

A lot of mobile phones in particular now come with GPS compatible features. These include the latest Nokia phones, Blackberry, iPhone and a host of other phone providers. Contact us to determine if your phone supports GPS, or alternatively you can consult your phone network provider for more information.